Frequently Asked Questions

What is VisitBit?

VisitBit is a Bitcoin PTC (Paid-to-Click) advertising website which allows you to earn free bitcoin, simply for visiting websites.

How do I get paid?

You can get paid for viewing websites on VisitBit. You must view the site until the timer in the top left corner counts down to 0. Once this happens, a button will appear labelled "Pay Me". Once you click the button, you'll be presented with a captcha to answer. This is to avoid bots abusing the service. If you enter the captcha code correctly, you'll be paid instantly to your MicroWallet account, and the next available advert (if applicable) will load

How much do I get paid for viewing an advert?

User payouts differ depending on the budget of the advertising campaign itself. Campaigns which require you to view for 60 seconds will pay you more than an advert requiring a 10 second view for example.

It says there are none left, but I can see more active campaigns on the stats page?

Some of our advertisers choose to limit traffic to their campaigns to certain countries. For example, if a campaign limits traffic to the USA only, and you're in Canada, you won't be able to view the advert.

I've paid up as an advertiser but my campaign isn't active yet?

Campaigns are often automatically accepted and activated after your payment has received 1 network confirmation. However on occassion, this can sometimes be delayed if there has been a hold-up in forwarding the funds from the generated address, to our address. When this happens, there's not much we can do but wait. As we rely on's API, it's out of our hands. But rest assured, once we receive funds, your campaign will be activated. In the event your campaign hasn't been activated after 1 confirmation, please email [email protected] and we'll look in to it. Additionally, please ensure you've sent the correct amount. Any transaction below 0.005 BTC is ignored by our system.

My campaign was active, but it's been deactivated before completion!

This can happen for many reasons. If we adjudge your advert to be breaking the rules we set out on the advertise page, your campaign will be suspended without notice. This often happens with websites which don't allow inclusion in iframes. If this happens and you'd like an explanation, please email [email protected]

I want to change the URL of my campaign

Please email [email protected] and we can do this for you.